Sunday School for 4th to 8th

Wonder inkEach Sunday from 10:00 am to10:45 am in Room #23.

Fairfield’s middle school educators use the Children’s Sunday School Curriculum called Wonder Ink. Our goal is to help foster the love of learning about the Bible not only on Sundays but throughout the week. The question that we have asked ourselves is …

What if Sunday morning was just the starting point?

Faith formation is not limited to Sunday mornings. Wonder Ink empowers families and invites children and youth to experience the wonder of God every day in every way. This customizable digital curriculum and tool kit creatively engages kids and families in God’s Word – connecting the classroom on Sunday to their homes during the week. Supporting Elementary and Middle-School children in both large and small group models, Wonder Ink comprehensively explores the Big Questions and Big Ideas of the entire Bible through a 4-part journey of Curiosity, Belief, Faith, and Identity. Rooted in Biblical truth, weekly lessons are enriched with 4 core values:

  • God Knows Me
  • Jesus Loves Me
  • The Holy Spirit Leads Me
  • I Am a Child of God