Sunday School for All Ages

Classes begin at 10:00 am each Sunday.

Cornerstone Class

Meets in Room #29/30

The Cornerstone Class studies different books by various authors chosen by class consensus/interests. The are currently (August 2023) working through the book “They Turned the World Upside Down” by Charles Martin. The book and the rich discussions and sharing are changing us! There may even be some very delicious donuts!

Open Door

Meets in Room #20

The Open Door Class follows an open curriculum, led by four rotating leaders using a variety of topics. Presently (August 2023) they are exploring The Apostles Creed as understood through the Catechism, the life of David and application lessons for today, and the Apostles and their work in the early church to carry out the message and ministry of Jesus. Class participation and input is encouraged!

The Rock

Meets in Room #31/32

The Rock Sunday School Class studies Bible stories together. The format is open discussion and very informal. Beginning in September (2023), the class will look at key characters in the Bible such as Esther, Ruth, and Daniel.

Union Class

Meets in Room #14

The Union Class uses a lecture format in teaching Bible lessons from the “Uniform Lesson Series.” A student book outlining each lesson is available.