Sunday School for All Ages

Classes begin at 10:00 am each Sunday.

Cornerstone Class

The Cornerstone Class meets year-round in the church library. It is a class that began meeting as a short-term Christianity 101 study and the members voted to continue as a Sunday School class after the study was over. The class is open to everyone of all ages, married or single, married by worshiping single. For several years one of the oldest members of the congregation attended along with high schoolers. A course of study is decided upon the consensus and interests of the members with the approval of Pastor Steve. Class time is spent on discussion (sometimes quite lively!). As well as studying scripture verses presented by the authors. The class is warm, welcoming, and joyful. Many members have shared that the best part of their week is Sunday morning in the Cornerstone Class!

Open Door

The Open Door Class is team-led with a free discussion-participation format. The curriculum is also free and open, covering topics such as current events, philosophy, church history, Bible studies and more. All ages are welcome.

The Rock

The Rock Sunday School Class is our newest class. It is a Bible-based class for all ages. We are going back to the basics, reading the text and having discussions. The first few months we will be discussing the childhood stories, Cain & Abel, Noah & the Ark, Daniel & the Lion, etc. We welcome all levels of Bible knowledge – those who know a lot who will help share their knowledge with those who only know a little.

Union Class

Welcome to the Union Class! Each Sunday morning we gather in the classroom across the hall from the small kitchen to study the Bible. The class is taught lecture style by a group of teachers using the Standard Lesson Commentary as their guide. Each class member has a student book that corresponds to the teachers’ material, so we know what will be studied each week. The lessons are informative and stress how the text for the day applies to our lives today. Come and try out the Union Class when we join together to be encouraged by God’s Word!