COVID-19 Information

What Are Fairfield’s COVID-19 Rules?

While we have relaxed almost all of our COVID-19 restrictions, our session and staff continuously monitor the situation and are prepared to re-tighten our rules, if appropriate. Our first priority is to worship God and to serve Him, and our second priority, that comes directly from the first, is to serve each other by protecting everyone’s health. As of January 2024:

  • Wearing a mask is optional, and up to the comfort of each individual.
  • We have hand sanitizer available and plenty of soap and water.
  • We are live streaming both services and recording them for later viewing for everyone who is not able to be with us in person.
  • We ask anyone who is feeling ill, has COVID-like symptoms, or has been diagnosed with COVID to stay home and participate online.
  • We also strongly encourage anyone with vulnerabilities or comorbidities to stay safe at home and participate online.