We are privileged to take care of your children while you worship and participate in various church activities.  We provide nursery care for newborns through preschool during the 9:00 am worship service and Sunday School time.  Please review the following information about our policy’s and procedure’s.

  • If possible, please help us by having one person drop off and pick up your child to help reduce confusion.
  • When checking in your child, sign the check in slip noting any allergies or special requests.
  • If your child is unable to have goldfish and water, please be sure to bring in a snack and/or drink for your child while they are in the nursery.
  • All children under the age of ONE will not be given goldfish or water unless otherwise directed.

Who will be watching your children while you worship?

Our nursery and preschool rooms are staffed with volunteers who are committed to providing a nurturing and safe environment for your child and are up to date with Fairfield’s Child Protection Policy and Procedures.  A copy of this policy is located in the nursery for reference.

Will someone come and notify me if my child needs me?

On the check in form, there is a place for you to write where you will be located (Union Class, Sanctuary, etc.).  Please rest assured that if your child is inconsolable or if there are any questions regarding your child, a volunteer will be sure to find you to let you know.

Our goal is to provide a healthy, safe environment for your children. Keeping that in mind, we have established some basic wellness guidelines to help reduce the spread of germs amongst the children and volunteers.

Guidelines for Parents

Please do not send your child to the nursery if your child:

  • Has run a fever of above 100 degrees or has had a diarrhea/vomiting bug within the past 24 hours
  • Has a contagious skin rash or pink eye
  • Has a runny nose accompanied by chest congestion and/or cough.

We trust you to use your discretion and think about the other children that would potentially be exposed when trying to decide whether or not to send your child to the nursery.

Guidelines for the Volunteer Nursery and Preschool Workers and Teachers

  • The worker/teacher will wear gloves while changing a diaper and wash their hands after disposing of it.
  • The worker/teacher will thoroughly wash their hands prior to dispensing any snacks.
  • All of the toys are cleaned on a regular basis and all toys that have been in a child’s mouth are placed in a tub to be disinfected before being placed back in the toy box.