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Steve Starzer

Senior Pastor
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Steve Starzer does not particularly care for the title Senior Pastor, although the thinning hair and gray beard betray the fact that he is the senior member of the staff. He saw the light and became a Virginian in 2011. Prior to that, he endeavored on his “missionary journey” as the Pastor of the Conklin (NY) Presbyterian Church, which he joyfully served for nearly 20 years. His first call was to serve the rural small town congregation of the Wyalusing (PA) Presbyterian Church in the scenic hills of the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. It was during that wonderful calling that his life became richly blessed by his marriage to Debby Dabback, the daughter of a well respected colleague. It seemed appropriate, since Steve himself is the son of a very distinguished Pastor. Their love for each other was seen in the expansion of their family with the birth of their children Courtney and Chad. Both of their children are now grown and making contributions in their own fields of endeavor.

Steve is quick to point out that his training came from the churches he served and who nurtured him in return. He did, however, receive his academic training at Wheaton (IL) College, Princeton Theological Seminary and his doctorate from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. We have found Steve to be a welcoming presence who enjoys people and has a passion for the Good News of Jesus Christ, which he shares through his preaching and his leadership in the church.

Darren Utley

Associate Pastor
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Darren Utley is the newest member of the Fairfield team.  Darren came to the Richmond area for seminary in 2009 and with his family he has come to love the area — particularly the restaurants.  Prior to answering the call to full time ministry Darren taught high school in North Carolina and Michigan.  It was in Michigan that Darren met and fell in love with Debora, who was gracious enough to agree to a life together.  Darren and Deb are blessed with two boys who they are convinced are the most handsome and intelligent children in the world.

Darren is looking forward to helping Fairfield live out its mission to be a people who belong wholeheartedly to God, are growing in Christ, and are led by the Holy Spirit to serve their community and the world.

Celeste Underdown

Director of Music

Matt & Amy Wenninger

Praise Band Leaders

Dave Starzer

Organist and IT Coordinator

John Longest