Our New Series will begin Mid-April. Happy Easter!


Sermon Title Focus Scripture Theme
Lent 1 – 2.21 Change Mark 1:9-15 The heart of Jesus’ gospel is to continue expanding our perspective and changing our direction
Lent 2 – 2.28 What Matters Most Mark 8:31-38 Jesus calls us to focus on giving our lives in order to gain a more abundant life.
Lent 3 – 3.7 The Destruction that Brings Life John 2: 13 – 22 ┬áJesus assaults the systems of privilege and power that perpetuate marginalization and oppression.
Lent 4 – 3.14 ┬áThe Spotlight of Grace John 3: 14-21 We explore the call to own our participation in injustice and to shine a light on the powers that perpetuate it.
Lent 5 – 3.21 Sacrificial Bravery John 12:20-33 Jesus’ bravery in the face of impending death should inspire and challenge us.
Palm Sunday – 3.28 Joy Before Sorrow Mark 11:1-11 We explore our addiction to power instead of sacrificial service.
Easter Sunday – 4/4

A Preachers Guide to Lectionary Sermon Series