A Light to Enlighten the Nations

“Formy eyes have seenyoursalvation,whichyouhave prepared in the presence of all peoples, a light for revelation to the Gentiles and for glory to your people Israel:’ These lines from the Song of Simeon (Luke 2:29-32) speak of the season of Epiphany, of the light of Christ for all the world. Seeing Jesus born in Bethlehem, dedicated at the temple, and baptized in the River Jordan, it’s easy to focus on his life as a first-century Jew. But the audacity of the gospel is that the light shining in Jesus shone far beyond Israel to illuminate the whole world. Through the Gospelreadings of this season, we seehow the light of Christ reached outsiders from the beginning and continued to grow, lighting the dark places throughout our world and in our own hearts.

  Sermon Title Focus Scripture Theme
Epiphany Outsiders Becoming Insiders Matt. 2:1- 12 Christ’s love and light draws the whole world in.
First Sunday after Epiphany Savedto Serve the Whole World Luke 3:15-17, 21-22 A baptism empowers mission.
Second Sunday after Epiphany The Illumination of New Wine John 2:1-11 At Cana, Jesus began his work of illuminating the dark places.
Third Sunday after Epiphany A Mission to Light Your Way Luke4:14-21 We define Jesus’ mission, and our own.
Fourth Sunday after Epiphany Hometown Boy Luke 4:21-30 Jesus’ good news for the world isn’t a threat, but an


Fifth Sunday after Epiphany Called and Sent Luke 5:1-11 We hear and accept our own call to be part of Jesus’ work.
Sixth Sunday after Epiphany Fullness and Emptiness Luke 6:17-26 Only by emptying ourselves will we experience true fullness.
Seventh Sunday after Epiphany Unlimited Love Luke 6:27- 38 Jesus’ unconditional love opens the boundaries of our love.
Transfiguration Sunday Listen to Him Luke 9:28-43a Don’t box Jesus in; shine his light for all to see.

A Preachers Guide to Lectionary Sermon Series