God on the Move

Jesus didn’t stay in one place for long.  His earthly ministry was one of moving from one place and encounter to the next.  He also moved through every part of the human experience, encountering everything from temptation, to joy, to suffering and even death.  This series helps us reclaim the movement of Jesus’ ministry from temptation to condemnation, through his teaching and miracles and finally through the story of his death and resurrection.  The comforting truth of Lent is that as we delve deeper into our own self-examination, we find that we are not alone.  God is still on the move in our lives, walking with us every step as we travel the road to Easter.

  Sermon Title Focus Scripture Theme
First Sunday in Lent God Moves…into the Desert Luke 4:1-13 Jesus’ temptation in the desert shows us that God has moved fully into human flesh and can identify with our every experience.
Second Sunday in Lent God Moves…past All Obstacles Luke 13:31-35 Jesus won’t let Herod’s threats or the people’s opposition keep him from his loving purpose
Third Sunday in Lent God Moves…over the Fence Luke 13:1-9 Instead of gazing at the grass on the other side of the fence, Jesus brings us back to focus on realities that will bring change and growth in our own backyard.
Fourth Sunday in Lent God Moves…down the Road Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32 God is always running to meet us, even when we have squandered his grace.
Fifth Sunday in Lent God Moves Us…to Empty Ourselves John 12:1-8 As Mary anointed Jesus with the scent of sacrifice, we are called pour out ourselves for him.
Palm/Passion Sunday  God Moves…to the Cross Luke 19:29-42 Throughout his story Jesus has been moving in one direction – to the cross.
Easter Sunday  God Moves…out of the Tomb Luke 24:1-12 Even the grave could not still Jesus. He is alive and active and moving in our lives and our world.

A Preachers Guide to Lectionary Sermon Series