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The book of James stands unique in the New Testament for its no-nonsense, practical, proverbial wisdom.  There is very little cryptic language or mysterious imagery in the way that it calls people to live out their discipleship.  For James, faith is neither radically privatized nor solely personal.  It is to be expressed outwardly, to improve one’s relationships with others and to help those in need.  This series challenges those in a congregation who believe that faith is something that should be kept to one’s self and challenges a culture that sees very little value in religion at all.

9/2 Just Do It! James 1:17-27 Be doers, not just hearers, of God’s commands
9/9 Body and Soul James 2:1-17 The body matters: using our physical means to meet physical needs
9/16  Taming the Tongue James 3:1-12.              The tongue is a small organ that can do great damage
9/23  The Good Life.         James 3:13-4:3, 7-8a Gentleness and wisdom are the keys to contentment.
9/30  Powerful Prayer.     James 5:13-20.            Prayer is a healing balm for physical suffering and broken communities.

A Preacher’s Guide to Lectionary Sermon Series by Amy Butler