Surprise! The Unexpected Acts of God

This sermon series beginning with the Sunday after Easter focuses on surprising acts of God in the book of Acts.  We all know the excitement and disquiet that come with the sudden reversal of our expectations.  The early Christians whose stories are told in the book of Acts have no shortage of surprises.  The resurrection sets off a host of unexpected events and changes for Jesus’ followers, even changes within themselves.  If our own spiritual lives have come to seem humdrum and everyday, these stories will awaken in us a new desire for God’s work in the lives of unsuspecting, ordinary people like ourselves.  As we explore the journey of surprises in these texts, we will learn the spiritual habit of welcoming an unpredictable God and coming to expect the unexpected.

  Sermon Title Focus Scripture Theme
Second Sunday of Easter A Surprising Turnaround Acts 5:27-32 The resurrection can spark changes in our beliefs and behavior that surprise even ourselves.
Third Sunday of Easter An Unlikely Friendship Acts 9:1-20 God often brings us the surprising gift of friendships we never expected.
Fourth Sunday of Easter An Astonishing Imitation Acts 9:36-43 By imitating Christ we become more like him and bring other people’s attention to his glory.
Fifth Sunday 0f Easter An Unexpected Change of Menu Acts 11:1-18 When we think we have God figured out, he surprises us by revealing his heart for the unexpected.
Sixth Sunday of Easter An Amazing Detour Acts 16:9-15 The power of conversion is still God’s building block to change the world one person at a time.
Seventh Sunday of Easter An Ironic Escape Acts 16:16-34 Sometimes those who seem free are truly enslaved, and those who seem to be in chains are truly liberated.
Pentecost Sunday  Pentecost: The Ultimate Surprise Party Acts 2:1-21 All the astonishing events in Acts (and in the church since) can be traced back to this one surprising moment.

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