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“The Upside Down Kingdom

Then tenth chapter of Mark is a critical transition between the transfiguration of Jesus and the triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  After Peter named Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the living God, at the transfiguration, Jesus elaborated on what following him would require.  This ensuing journey toward Jerusalem contains a collection of teachings about the nature of true discipleship.  It is based on a life contrary to the perspectives and priorities of the world and is more in line with the kingdom of God.  In a sense, the values of the kingdom seek to turn the world upside down.  Each week reveals a different way God inverts the culture at large and requires us to live a life “upside down.”  Join us!

10/7 Women & Children 1st Mark 10:2-16 In God’s upside-down kingdom our call is to lift up those put down by society
10/14 Where the Last are First Mark 10:17-31 A rich man asks Jesus how to inherit the kingdom and is saddened by Jesus’ answer.
10/21  Where the Least are Greatest Mark 10:35-45             James and John argue over who will be first in the kingdom.
10/28  Where the Blind Can See           Mark 10:46-52.               Bartimaeus shows honor where there should be shame; Jesus brings light to the darkness.

A Preacher’s Guide to Lectionary Sermon Series by Amy Butler